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After-School Program

Now Enrolling for the 2023-2024 School Year

Back-to-school season inevitably means back to finding a safe and enriching place your child enjoys when school is out. Setting children up for success in school, and in life, is what our programs are all about! We help children become young experts in the three critical areas that we believe have the most impact on their future success:

  • Social-emotional skills, like building relationships, becoming self-aware and making decisions.

  • Executive-function skills, like getting organized, managing impulses, and staying focused.

  • Inquiry based learning, like using creativity and curiosity to guide their learning process.

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We're Convenient!


Our safe, learning-centered programs conveniently run all year during out-of-school time. That means after-school, during seasonal breaks, and on other no-school days!

We're Professional


Teaching is no joke, so we hire professional staff who kids can count on to be there all school year. They're trained in our age-appropriate setting to nurture your child's academic and social development. They also help your child with schoolwork and homework (because time at home is precious.)

Nursery School

Summer Camp

Summertime is a great time to be with friends! Our full-day summer camp is perfect for children 3 to 7 years old. Children want to hang with their friends, play outside, and discover new things! Our summer camp program balances learning and fun, with health and safety protocols always in place. 

Summer Camp Themes 2024

Red Team Daily Routine

Grey Team Daily Routine

Kids Blowing Bubbles
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