Proud to be part of Hoboken Community

                          - Family owned and operated since 2006. 

At Mr. Robert's is dedicated to providing high-quality child care for school aged children from homework support to enrichment classes in safe, clean, caring, home-based environment.​

We, all members work for the best for the children to become confident and successful learners. Our vision will be accomplished through the teamwork of the staff, students, and community.

We provide..... plenty of individual attention,

the stability of familiar faces everyday,

3000 square feet facility for open play space,

classroom setting for homework, reading area, board games,

arts and crafts, Lego play area, Pop a shot, Foosball, Air Hockey, kitchen, dolls and more - educational toys to keep your child active and engaged.

We are open for school day closings. We also offer a 10 week summer camp. At Mr. Robert's is very proud to support the children and parents of Hoboken.

(From window at the Mr. Robert's)

Discipline Policy and Behavioral Issues 

At Mr. Robert’s expects participants to respect others and their space, harmoniously participate in games, cooperate with At Mr. Robert’s staff and be enthusiastic.

Learning self-control is just a normal part of growing up, thus we never embarrass or ridicule a child when they misbehave. We use positive strategies that strengthen the self-esteem of children. We will use “time out” to give children a time to think about their actions before coming back to any group activity. This is a positive form of discipline that teaches appropriate behavior while allowing a child to make the decision to improve his or her behavior.

Keeping the above in perspective, since we provide childcare in a group setting, we must also be concerned for the welfare and safety of all the children and staff.

All staff members of At Mr. Robert's work together to provide a bully free zone with correct behavior and a positive discipline policy that works together with our parents.

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